D-Link DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review

Hands-On Review of the D-Link DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera

The D-Link DCS-2530L is the second iteration of D-Link’s wide-angle Dropcam and it clearly is an improved version of its predecessors. Tis camera is an improvement on the previous model, DCS-2530L as all the weaknesses of its predecessor were taken away while retaining all of its strengths. With a price of $129.99 on Amazon, this is a camera that made a daring attempt toward perfection. In the looks department, the camera is quite able to blend with your home décor. Every form of bulkiness is totally absent in order to satisfy the stealth function requirements. It also has a wide angle view of 180 degrees and it supports sound and motion detection. It features two-way audio, night vision and a recording resolution of 1080p. it also has the capability of 10 times digital zoom.

Installation and Usage 

The D-Link 2530 has a pretty easy setup that will get you running in a maximum time of 5 minutes. Setting it up involves scanning the QR code on the camera through the mydlink lite companion app and then connect to your Wi-Fi network through one of WPS or manually. Videos can be streamed live in three resolutions – 480p, 720p and 1080p. Your choice resolution can also be chosen right on the app and as much as 1080p renders the clearest images, the 480p did not do badly either. 480p is only a great option when you are considering reducing the amount of bandwidth consumed.


Recorded files are stored to the local storage memory of the camera as it does not offer a cloud storage option. It has a micro SD card slot which supports a memory of up to 128GB. As far as storage is concerned, the absence of cloud storage saves you a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on cloud subscription and also frees network bandwidth. However, you will not be able to have a backup of your files in the event that the camera breaks or intruders decide to take it with them.


The D-Link 2530L records without bending the image at the sides of the frame and it captured clearly in darkness too. The sound detection is quite top-notch too and if what you want is only motion detection, you can effect this in the app’s settings so you get notified when the camera detects motion and tune in to the feed. The camera can also be set to only start recording when it detects motion. All of these can as well be replicated with the sound detection feature. In cases where you have children or pets, you can limit motion detection to only areas where there is limited movement so as to minimize false alarms.


  • Full-HD 1080p video resolution.
  • Wide-angle field of view.
  • Ability to customize the motion and sound detection features.


  • Absence of cloud backup.
  • Absence of battery backup


The D-Link DCS 2530L is a great wireless security camera if what you are looking for is excellent recording quality which you can set up yourself. This is a very recommendable product and can be bought on Amazon.

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